We have a complete understanding of production and manufacturing processes. Based on the product details such as drawings, specifications, test standards, and projected quantities received from our customers, we contact both new suppliers and those we have worked with before for quotations. If the submitted bids prove attractive then the purchasing team of our customer assesses the conditions positively. The received bids are compared and potential cost savings are calculated based on the details of the RFQ, allowing the purchasing team to make a substantiated decision.

It is also our job to ensure that the parts are obtained at the best possible prices, that the specified quality standards are met and they are available to our customers when they are needed while keeping their inventory levels to a minimum.



S2M Consulting Services Sourcing offers performance-based product sourcing services, and we are probably the best product sourcing agency in India for small and medium-sized companies. With our local manufacturer relationships and industry experience, importing from other countries has never been easier and faster. Start building your overseas manufacturing supply chain today with our no upfront cost product sourcing service!


Find Suitable Suppliers

We can source suppliers especially product manufacturers for your specific requirements. So you do not have to talk to, say 5-10 suppliers at the same time, which is hugely time energy consuming. In addition, some suppliers simply do not understand if they really can meet your requirements or even lie about the actual performance of the products. But with us as a third party who carefully analyze your requirements and check the suppliers' solutions, much valuable time can be saved and reallocated to fitting suppliers.

Explore Good Quality Suppliers

We can explore good quality manufacturers that do not export to overseas directly, usually these behind-the-scene suppliers sell via trading companies who drain huge profits in between, it is almost impossible for oversea buyers to find them, but with our effort we can link you directly with these Indian manufacturers and save your cost while offering high quality service.

Coordination and Support

We can offer fast coordination and technical support. This service could be a great relief when the suppliers ignore your emails or calls about delivery delay, repair or technical support. But if you have me practically representing your interests in India, the suppliers will have to cooperate with you in all these cases.