S2M Consulting is an experienced India sourcing company connecting businesses from all over the world with quality goods and services. We act as your representative in India, working directly with factories to avoid the traders and middle man mark-ups. 

As a results-oriented manufacturing sourcing agent, S2M Consulting is dedicated to helping small and medium-sized companies turn ideas into products and manufacture their private labels in India safely and cost-effectively.


Idea to Reality

Manufacturer sourcing involves many challenges, from vetting manufacturers to communicating production requirements to quality control. At S2M Consulting, we offer manufacturer sourcing services to ease the complexity of importing directly from overseas manufacturers.


S2M Solution 1

We can turn ideas into reality with our Production Engineering Services.

S2M Solution 2

Here comes an amazing product idea that hasn`t been proven within side the marketplace or maybe hasn`t been produced. S2M Consulting, all of your idea can be lit up. We understand the manufacturing unit method better than the customer and understand the customer`s desires better than the manufacturing unit.

S2M Solution 3

The goal is to show the concept right into a actual product: from its appearance, craftsmanship, and promotional materials, to next packaging and design to satisfy the customers` needs.