Whether you are looking for a new supplier or developing a whole new product for your business, S2M Consulting is here to help you find & connect with the right manufacturer/supplier. Product standards are different in every country, to find an overseas supplier who can make the product as per your country standard can prove to be a painful job, because of change in demography & language, it’s hard for importers to communicate, verify & trust a supplier/manufacturer whom they just discovered online. For businesses finding such suppliers in India, we are here to take care of your burden and ease your work.


S2M Sourcing Solutiion 1

Private Label solution

S2M Sourcing Solutiion 2

The sourcing agent will connect with multiple providers in step with your product requirements. After comparing all of the information, we can discover as a minimum 2 best supplier after evaluating our checklist.

S2M Sourcing Solutiion 3

Contract Manufacturing

S2M Sourcing Solutiion 4

You don’t need any experience, no hidden fee, all products purchasing from India suppliers. Let us know your buying request, and we will help you get the desired items.